Walk the Swine Competition BBQ Team was formed in the spring of 2008 long before The BBQ Joint was a glimmer in my eye. BBQ was a hobby/obsession of mine. Even while cooking in my fine dining restuarant, on my free time I was chasing down the flavors I experienced judging the Jack in 2004 . For fun, I started conducting BBQ competitions with friends in my backyard. Then I entered my first KCBS contest and bombed, but that got my juices flowing. Steadily I worked my way up finishing in the top ten finishes in national BBQ competitions even beating famous teams like Myron Mixon’s Jack’s Old South from Atlanta, GA and Cool Smoke from Richmond, VA in various meat categories.

Competing as Walk the Swine challenges me to continually refine and push my BBQ techniques to the outer limits, have fun and enjoy the competitive spirit of other fellow BBQ enthusiasts. I bring the flavor profiles that work in competition to the BBQ Joint allowing my guests to taste competition quality BBQ.

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This is our brisket turn in box.


My wife, Sonja and I earned 6th place in brisket at the DC Battle 15′